In Situ                        

2022Three-part publication, printed, hand-cut and bound in CSM publications workshop. 

Pairing material from the Situationist International archive with contemporary theory from McKenzie Wark’s The Beach Beneath the Street and Ellef Prestsæter’s These are Situationist Times, In Situ is a three-part publication that explores three essential strands of situationist theory: the act of Dérive, the concept of Détournement, and the publication, The Situationist Times. The Situationist International was made up of avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and political theorists. Using the theory of Marxism as the basis for their work, the SI created everyday techniques which would help people momentarily escape from capitalist society, or the Spectacle, as Debord coined it in his 1967 book, The Society of the Spectacle.  In Situ acts as a portal to the world of the situationists. Do with the content what you will. All kinds of reproduction, deformation, modification, derivation, and transformation of In Situ are permitted.